Vision Zero

Staff Contact: Kim Smith

Improving the safety of the transportation system in Brevard County is an integral piece of the transportation planning puzzle, one that plays a major role in any and all infrastructure improvements, across modes and improvement types.  The SCTPO has a long history of supporting safety programs and efforts to increase awareness of safety challenges. With Brevard continuing to have a high number of crashes, especially involving vulnerable road users, the SCTPO is embarking on a new enhanced approach to addressing transportation safety.

Vision Zero is based on the philosophy that traffic fatalities and serious injuries are preventable and the only acceptable number of traffic fatalities and serious injuries is zero. Vision Zero requires a fundamental change in the way we think about traffic safety and planning. Vision Zero is a data driven, multi-disciplinary approach bringing together diverse and necessary stakeholders to address this complex problem.

A consultant work order was approved by the TPO Board at their July 11, 2019 meeting that outlines the approach to developing a Vision Zero Action Plan for Brevard.  Activities include data collection and analysis, and development of SCTPO strategies and actions to support Vision Zero.  Work will also include the development of a tool kit for local municipalities that can be used to develop and implement Vision Zero at the local level. A task force comprised of specialists and safety advocates in various fields will guide the development of the Action Plan.

Please check this website for more information as the plan is developed over the next year. Resources and documents will be posted as they become available.

Vision Zero Action Plan Documentation

Space Coast TPO Resolution #20-02, Adopted July 11, 2019, endorsing Vision Zero to achieve zero traffic deaths and serious injuries and directing TPO staff to coordinate the development of a Vision Zero Action Plan.

Consultant Work Order with Kittelson & Associates, approved July 11, 2019

Consultant Work Order with BowStern, approved July 11, 2019


Other Documents:

Brevard County Bicycle Pedestrian Informational Booklet