East Coast Greenway

Contact: Sarah Kraum

Running from Maine to the tip of the Florida Keys, the East Coast Greenway will be the nation’s longest connected multi-use trail.  It will provide locals and tourists alike an area for recreation, exercise, and transportation.

In Florida, the East Coast Greenway will have a total of 579 miles of spine route.  Approximately 72 miles will be within Brevard County.

Planning for the East Coast Greenway in Brevard County is under way.  A workshop was held at the SCTPO’s Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails Advisory Committee on Monday, July 17, 2017.

There are several trail projects on the SCTPO Project Priorities list that would add to the Brevard section of the East Coast Greenway.

The Florida East Central Regional Rail Trail is part of the Brevard Alignment of the East Coast Greenway.

East Coast Greenway Webpage

East Coast Greenway Florida Coordinator, Paul Haydt