Contact: Abby Hemenway, Title VI Coordinator; 321-690-6890
Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization
2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way; Building B; Room 105; MS #82
Melbourne, FL 32940

The SCTPO strives to ensure full and fair participation by all potentially affected individuals, groups, and communities in the transportation decision-making process. The SCTPO does not discriminate against any person with respect to a SCTPO program, activity or service and adheres to the Federal non-discrimination requirements under Title VI and other related regulations and statutes.

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Do you have a discrimination complaint? Please submit your concerns in writing with the following information:

  • Name, address and phone number of person(s) filing the complaint
  • Statement describing the occurrence including the date and relief being sought
  • Names of any witnesses to the occurrence or copies of any supporting documentation
  • Signature of the complainant(s)

Se solicita la participación del público sin importar la raza, el color, la nacionalidad, laedad, el género, la religión, la discapacidad o la situación familiar. Las personas querequieran acomodaciones especiales conforme a la Ley de Americanos con Discapacidades o las personas que requieran servicios de traducción (gratuitos) deben comunicarse con Abby Hemenway, Coordinador de Título VI al 321-690-6890 al menos siete díasantes de la reunión.