School Routes Analysis

School Routes Analysis

Contact: Sarah Kraum

The School Routes Analysis is a pilot project to analyze the area around nine schools in the Melbourne and Palm Bay Area.  The schools are: Dr. WJ Creel Elementary , Harbor City Elementary, Roy Allen Elementary, Croton Elementary, Lockmar Elementary, Riviera Elementary, John F. Turner Elementary, Odyssey Charter , and Southwest Middle. The schools were selected via the municipalities utilizing a National Safe Routes to School Prioritization Tool.

The analysis will use data, field reviews, and discussions with the schools to make recommendations and could lead to Safe Routes to School projects to improve the safety, walkability, and bicycle access to the schools by students and faculty.

The analysis approach will create a framework for moving forward in implementing and conducting School Routes Analyses for the remainder of the county.

Notice to proceed was issued May 9, 2019 and the project is anticipated to be completed by early Summer 2020.

Schedule is subject to change.  Full tentative schedule can be accessed here.

The Social and Economic Profiles for the planning areas can be accessed here:

Melbourne Schools

Palm Bay Schools