Contact: Laura Carter

Project Status: Completed, July 2018

Study Purpose: To explore alternatives that improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities as well as address safety issues, traffic operations, and transit needs.

Study Limits: Wickham Road to Stewart Avenue, Melbourne Aurora Road Corridor Study

Summary of Results:

Short Term (1-2 years):
1. Improve pedestrian crosswalks at Aurora Road and Lake Washington intersections. Improvements include crosswalk for all four legs of intersections. Status: Both intersections need funding for design and construction. Working with Brevard County and City of Melbourne to get programmed within next one to two years.

2. Florida Department of Transportation is reviewing minor safety improvements for intersection at Eau Gallie Blvd. The Community Traffic Safety Team submitted application for additional signage regarding pedestrian crossings.

Mid Term (3-10 years):
Full intersection improvement that addresses additional turn lanes and traffic operations at Wickham Road was added to Space Coast TPO’s project priority list. Next phase to be funded and conducted is Design.

Long Term (10+ years):
The long term vision for the corridor includes: adding bicycle lanes in both directions, widening sidewalk on south side to 6 feet, adding an 8 foot shared use path on north side, adding a new center turn lane, intersection improvements and reducing thru lanes from two in each direction to one in order to accommodate bicycle and pedestrian facilities and increase safety while limiting right-of-way purchase to keep project cost feasible. Project has been placed on TPO’s candidate list. In order for project to move forward and be considered for Federal and/or state funding, Brevard County will need to submit an application to the TPO requesting project be moved to priority list. The TPO adopts a new priority list each year, typically in September. At this time, there is no activity or request to move this project forward.

Vision typical section:
Aurora Road Corridor Study

Other: The City of Melbourne is considering adding a northbound right turn lane at Commodore to ease congestion.

Project Documentation: