Completed SCTPO Projects

 Aurora Road Corridor Study

Project Status: Completed, July 2018

Study Purpose: To explore alternatives that improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities as well as address safety issues, traffic operations, and transit needs.

Study Limits: Wickham Road to Stewart Avenue, Melbourne

Aurora Road Corridor Study

Project Documentation:

Banana River/Pine Tree Drive Complete Street Feasibility Study

Project Status: Completed September 2019

City of Indian Harbour Beach staff will be working with Brevard County to coordinate administration and implementation of next phases, Design and then Construction of the preferred vision.

Study Purpose: Evaluated alternatives that would enhance and improve comfort and safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Study Limits: Just east of Mathers Bridge to SR A1A

Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization

Project Documentation:

Final Presentation to TAC/CAC/TPO Board – September, 2019

Final Report

Appendix A Public Involvement

Appendix B Existing Conditions – Documents existing conditions including current and future land uses, community features, bicycle, pedestrian and vehicular volumes and crash history and traffic operations.

Banana River/Pine Tree Drive Demographic Profile: Community Characteristics and Demographics of the area surrounding project limits.

Minton Road Feasibility Study

Project Status: Completed, March 2021

Study Purpose: To evaluate the corridor for potential improvements through an existing conditions analysis, travel demand modeling, data collection, and intersection improvement recommendations.

Study Limits: Palm Bay Road to US 192, West Melbourne

Project Documentation:

Minton Road Feasibility Study Existing Conditions Summary

Minton Road Feasibility Study Future Conditions Summary

Minton Road Corridor Alternatives and Strategies Report

Minton Road Corridor Alternatives and Strategies Report Appendix

Sarno Road Corridor Study

Study Background/Purpose:
Sarno Road is a key east/west road located in the City of Melbourne of Brevard County. The City of Melbourne, Brevard County, the Florida Department of Transportation, and the Space Coast TPO are conducting a corridor study along Sarno Road to explore what opportunities there are to implement improvements along the roadway that would improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities as well as to address safety issues, traffic operations, and transit movements along the corridor.

TPO staff is utilizing its general planning consultant, Atkins, to identify and develop appropriate improvements to address multi-modal needs. An implementation plan will be developed with short, medium, and long-term recommendations for project implementation.

Study Limits: The study limits start at Eau Gallie Boulevard, just east of I-95, on the west and ending at US 1, to the east.

Aerial Corridor Map Sarno Road

Project Materials/Documents:

Wickham Road Operational Analysis

Project Status: Completed, March 2018

Study Purpose: The Wickham Road Operational Analysis was conducted to evaluate and identify multi-modal solutions to facilitate pedestrian/bicycle/transit movement along the corridor and to address congestion and safety issues.

Study Limits: Eau Gallie Boulevard to Lake Washington, Melbourne

Wickham Road Study Limits Map

Project Documentation:
Wickham Road Demographic Profile – Community Characteristics and Demographics of the area surrounding Wickham Road Operational Analysis project limits.

Final Report – March 2018
Appendix A – Wickham Road Existing Conditions Summary
Appendix B – Wickham Road Future Conditions Summary
Appendix C – Future Build Operational Analysis
Appendix D – Wickham Rd Public Involvement Comments and Coordination Summary

Final Presentation of Wickham Road Preferred Alternatives – December 14, 2017