Contact: Georganna Gillette

The Pineapple Avenue Complete Street Feasibility Study was recently completed. The purpose of the Study is to conduct a corridor analysis for the Pineapple Avenue Complete Streets Project and develop a conceptual complete streets roadway design from which the City can develop engineering plans. The conceptual complete streets design will include roadway typical sections, traffic calming measures, pedestrian crossings, gateway features, and streetscaping elements.

The study corridor extends from Montreal Avenue in the south to Aurora Road in the north. Based on the data collected and public input received, the following design goals were developed for the corridor:

  • Provide continuous bicycle facilities that connect to existing bike lanes.
  • Connect the civic spaces across Pineapple Avenue.
  • Connect neighborhoods to the civic uses along the east side of Pineapple Avenue and the retail and commercial uses in the redevelopment area.

The design phase will begin in FY 2018 and construction is funded for FY 2020.

Pineapple Avenue Complete Street