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The List of Project Priorities (LOPP) contains a list of unfunded highway, technology and bicycle and pedestrian projects.  The LOPP serves as a bridge document between the Space Coast TPO’s Long Range Transportation Plan and the five-year Transportation Improvement Program.

Once long-term needs are determined by the 20-year long range plan, projects are prioritized and put on the List of Project Priorities, a funding waiting list.  When funding becomes available, the project moves to the five-year plan.

The process begins with a call for projects each year.  Staff works with members of the Transportation Subcommittee to develop a draft list that builds on the list from the previous year.  The draft LOPP then goes through Space Coast TPO’s advisory committees and governing board for comment, review and adoption.

A compilation of all types of priority lists from projects to legislative positions has been compiled into one report to provide a one stop resource document to quickly reference what the latest SCTPO priorities are. The report includes the following priority lists:

  • SCTPO Project Priorities (Adopted July 2020; Amended December 2020)
  • Transportation Regional Incentive Program (TRIP) Priority List
  • MPOAC FDOT District 5 Freight 2020 Project Priority List
  • Space Coast Area Transit
  • Space Florida
  • Port Canaveral
  • MPO Alliance Regional Priorities
  • SCTPO 2021 Legislative Positions



The Space Coast TPO will be accepting applications for federal and state transportation funding.  Municipalities may submit from January 11, 2021 – March 15, 2021.  Please see below for schedule and application process.



Every year, the Space Coast TPO conducts a call for projects. This solicitation to local agencies offers the opportunity for new projects to be submitted for consideration and to be added to the TPO’s ranked project priorities. The existing list is also reviewed and updated with changes as projects are funded through their various stages from year to year.

2021 SCTPO Call for Projects Directions and Information


SCTPO Project Application For Word (RIGHT CLICK TO OPEN)

SCTPO Project Application for PDF

A Resource Packet was developed to provide documents to help with the completion of the SCTPO Project Application.


Each project submitted is scored and ranked as follows.

  1. Quantitative Score (0-100) – Based upon the approved project ranking criteria.
  2. Qualitative Score (0-15) – Based upon a consensus recommendation of the Transportation Subcommittee
  3. Discretionary – Committees and Board to move a project in ranking based on a consensus recommendation with Board having ultimate approval

Project Priorities Screening Criteria 


Prior Project List

FY 2021 Project Priorities Adopted July 9, 2020

SCTPO FY 2021 Project Priorities Amend #1 Dec 2020 – Approved via Executive Director December 2020; to be ratified by TPO Board February 11, 2021

Amendment #1 addressed the following changes:

  • Addition of Parrish Park Trailhead (ranked #8)
  • Corrected Project Limits for SR 405 widening project (ranked #23) – SR 50 to Rock Pit Road (Previously listed as Singleton, changed for planning consistency with adopted 2045 LRTP)
  • Corrected FM number for N Merritt Island Pioneer Trl (ranked #55)