Plans & Programs: Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Master Plan

Contact: Steven Bostel

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) use technology to improve traffic flow, safety, air quality, and fuel efficiency when moving people and goods. The ITS Master Plan will provide a framework for determining the region’s future ITS needs.

This master plan will formulate a strategy for the development and maintenance of Brevard County’s ITS network; incorporate various methodologies in conformance with national, statewide, and regional architecture, and aid in the formation of a sound basis for design, plans, specifications, estimates, operations and maintenance to phase implementation for the potential ITS projects.

The plan is scheduled to be completed July 2015. This page contains all documentation and information used for plan development.

Final DocumentFinal Document

Plan Documents

Project Scope

Current Project Schedule – As of October 27, 2014

Stakeholder Meetings

– April 22, 2014

– June 24, 2014

– August 26, 2014
AgendaMinutesAAM PresentationDecision Support Tool Flowchart

– October 28, 2014
AgendaMinutesITS Options PresentationBaseline Requirements Presentation

– January 7, 2015
AgendaMinutesMaps for Comment

– March 11,2015
AgendaMinutesImplementation Plan Slides

– May 15, 2015

Task Deliverables

Task 1 – Goals Objectives and Performance Measures

Final Task 2 – Existing Conditions Report

Final Task 3 – ITS Transportation Technologies Options and Needs

Draft Task 4 – Identification of Applicable ITS Strategies

Task 5 – Regional Architecture Update Underway

Draft Task 6 – Concept of Operations

Final Document DRAFT Final Document