Plans & Programs: Bicycle/Pedestrian/Trails Mobility Plan

Contact: Sarah Kraum

The SCTPO recognizes the growing importance of bicycle and pedestrian accessibility, mobility and safety to the region’s economic vitality, sense of community identity, and quality of life. Bicycle and pedestrian transportation offers an economical and healthy way for people of all ages and abilities to access their destinations, enjoy Brevard County’s outstanding natural resources and connect with friends, family and neighbors.

In 2013, The SCTPO developed a Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails Mobility Plan (19 MB pdf) that establishes a planning framework toward development of a true multimodal transportation network. The plan focuses on regionally significant projects that provide connectivity and accessibility to Brevard County’s abundant natural resources, parks, economic centers, and intermodal hubs such as existing Space Coast Area Transit transfer points and future East Coast Railway stations. The plan therefore emphasizes the following regional connections:

In 2019, the SCTPO completed and adopted an update to the previous plan.  The project documents and information can be accessed here.