US 192

Contact: Laura Carter

In 2012, the SCTPO completed a Feasibility Study of US 192 from Babcock Street to I-95. The goal of the study was to identify options for improving traffic flow and relieving congestion. The project recommendations adopted by the TPO Governing Board include:

  • Improvements on Ellis Road, including road widening and an interchange at I-95
  • Prioritize intersection improvements at Hollywood Boulevard and Wickham Road
  • Re-evaluate traffic patterns after Ellis Road improvments have been implemented
  • Consider widening US 192 from four to six lanes from Wickham Road to Dairy Road

US 192 Feasibility Study Powerpoint
US 192 Presentation October 2014

For a copy of the full 755 page, 433 MB pdf, please contact Laura Carter.

As a result of this study, the intersections at Hollywood/Evans and Wickham/Minton were further analyzed to identify the most feasible improvements that could be implemented prior to widening of the corridor.  In May 2015, the preferred intersection alternatives were identified. Recommendations include additional turning lanes and sidewalks. The full report is available for download at the link below.

Feasibility Analysis for US 192/Wickham Road Intersection and US 192/Hollywood Boulevard Intersection

The US 192 and Hollywood Boulevard/Evans intersection improvements are funded for Design in FY 2018 and Right of Way in FY 2020.

The US 192 and Wickham/Minton intersection improvements are funded for Design in FY 2018.  No Right of Way is needed.

Construction is not yet funded for either project.