Project Priorities

Contact: Georganna Gillette

The Prioritized Project List (PPL) contains a list of unfunded highway, technology and bicycle and pedestrian projects.  Priorities are based on criteria from the TPO’s Annual State of the System report, Safety Report and Traffic Count program.  The PPL serves as a bridge document between the Space Coast TPO’s Long Range Transportation Plan and the five-year Transportation Improvement Program.

Once long-term needs are determined by the 20-year long range plan, projects are prioritized and put on the Prioritized Project List, a funding waiting list.  When funding becomes available, the project moves to the five-year plan. 

The process begins with a call for projects in February of each year.  Staff works with members of the Transportation Subcommittee to develop a draft list that builds on the list from the previous year.  The draft PPL then goes through Space Coast TPO’s advisory committees and governing board for comment, review and adoption.

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