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Contact: Laura Carter

Each year, the SCTPO engages in an extensive Performance Monitoring and Management Program, including a traffic count database, State of the System Report, and annual Safety Report.

traffic count program to monitor traffic level on major arterial and collector roadways in Brevard County is conducted from October to February each year.

Count results are maintained in an Interactive Traffic Count Database System that provides current and previous year traffic volumes, count location details, trends, graphs, reports, and maps.

Traffic Counts Historical Report 2008-2017
FDOT Traffic Information and FDOT On-line Traffic Counts

Traffic Counts GIS Files

Google Earth KML File – 2017 Traffic Counts

Google Earth KML File – 2016 Traffic Counts

Google Earth KML File – 2015 Traffic Counts

Arc GIS Shape Files – 2016 Traffic Counts

Arc GIS Shape Files – 2015 Traffic Counts

Traffic counts are used by private citizens, local businesses, local government concurrency management systems and in the State of the System Report (SOS) (46 MB pdf).  The SOS Report gives the status of transportation conditions in the County, including: roadway volume, congestion, safety, the condition of the transit system, and air quality. This report provides information needed to assist in completing the Transportation Project Priorities and making better transportation planning decisions.