The Student Travel Survey collects information on how students travel to and from school. This survey is conducted every two years and is sent to all Brevard Public Schools (BPS), including charter schools that operate under performance contract with BPS.  In addition to their modes of transportation, students are also questioned about their safety practices such as seat belts usage and helmet wear when riding a bicycle.

The information obtained during the survey has many uses. Since the data has been collected since 2000, the TPO can look for trends in student travel, city planners may use the information when planning infrastructure improvements, and the collected data  may be utilized for grant programs such as a the Safe Routes to School Grant, among others.

2017 Student Travel Survey Results
BPS Individual School Yearly Comparison
Grand Total by Year Modes of Travel Comparison
BPS Individual School AM/PM Comparison
Grand Total by Year Modes of Travel AM/PM Comparison