Minton Road Feasibility Study

Contact: Sarah Kraum

The Minton Road Feasibility Study will evaluate the corridor for potential improvements through an existing conditions analysis, travel demand modeling, data collection, and intersection improvement recommendations.

The corridor to be assessed is from Palm Bay Road to US 192.  The corridor is maintained by the County and within the West Melbourne city limits.

The corridor includes two bus routes, nine public and private schools, a variety of land uses, parks, and access to Promise in Brevard, a housing facility for special needs adults.

Notice to proceed for the project was issued May 9, 2019 and the project is anticipated to be completed by late Winter 2021.

Please note the schedule is subject to change.  Full tentative schedule can be accessed here.

The Social and Economic Profile of the study area can be accessed here.

Previous Studies:

Minton Road Corridor Study performed by the American Planning Association Community Planning Assistance Team for the City of West Melbourne

Minton Road Town Center Mobility Plan completed by the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council for the City of West Melbourne

Project Activities:

Graphic for the Minton Road Feasibility Study Field Review on September 18, 2019. Includes four pictures. One of an cars at an intersection. One of part of the project team in vests. One of the sidewalk along the bridge of the corridor. And one of students crossing a road with a crossing gaurd.


On September 18, 2019 members of the project team spent the day reviewing existing conditions and looking for issues and opportunities along the corridor.  This included observing the school dismissals and talking to the crossing guards, observing the morning and evening peak hours, visiting the bus stops along the corridor, observing the evening corridor lighting, and more.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee had their first meeting on September 30, 2019.  During this meeting they reviewed the existing conditions, discussed observations from the September 18, 2019 Field Review, reviewed the traffic model data, and discussed next steps.  Click here to view the meeting summary and materials.

The Technical Committee had their second meeting on January 23, 2020.  During the meeting they reviewed preliminary typical sections and discussed the alternatives from the Stage 1 Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE).  Click here to view the meeting summary and materials.

The Technical Committee had their third meeting on July 21, 2020.  During the meeting they reviewed the measures of effectiveness of typical sections and reviewed the results of the Stage 2 Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE).  Click here to view the meeting summary and materials.  Recording of the virtual meeting below.

The Technical Committee had their fourth meeting on January 15, 2021.  The meetings purpose was to provide a final review of the preferred concept plans and intersection improvements, discuss the public meeting, and outline the last steps of the project.  Click here to view the meeting summary and materials.  Recording coming soon.

Public Meetings:

The first of two public meetings was held on August 26, 2020 in the form of a virtual presentation/webinar.  It also included a “Virtual Project Guide” website for citizens to review and provide feedback through September 14, 2020.  The purpose of both the webinar and the presentation was to provide information about the corridor, explain he purpose and process of the study, present potential roadway alternatives, and intersection alternatives.  The website can be found here while active:

August 26th Presentation Slides

Recording of webinar can be viewed below:

Minton Minutes

In order to keep the Technical Committee and any relevant boards/committees up to date SCTPO Staff developed the “Minton Minute,” a periodical newsletter to provide a brief update on the study.

October 2019 Minton Minute

December 2019 Minton Minute

March 2020 Minton Minute

June 2020 Minton Minute

October 2020 Minton Minute

Documents & Reports

Minton Road Feasibility Study Existing Conditions Summary

Minton Road Feasibility Study Future Conditions Report

Minton Road Public Meeting #1 Summary