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A map of transportation projects in Brevard County.

Transportation projects in Brevard County

This map shows transportation priority projects in Brevard County

Transportation Priority Projects in Brevard County

This map shows pedestrian and shared-use path facilities that exist. It can also be selected to view the Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility Maps page.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility Plan Maps











Functional Classifications – A process of grouping roads according to the service they are intended to provide. This helps planners in determining  the most efficient flow of traffic through a particular transportation system. To learn more about Functional Classification, visit the Federal Highway Administration website.

Urbanized & Functional Classification Maps:
Urbanized Area Boundaries and Functional Classification for Brevard 
(16 MB)
North Functional Class August 2016
South Functional Class August 2016

GIS Shapefiles:
Brevard Functional Classifications as of August 2018 
(Zip File) – ArcGIS required to view these files

Maximum Acceptable Volumes and Level of Service: 
2017 Functional Classification, MAV and LOS Table