Spaceport Plans

Contact: Steven Bostel

Cape Canaveral Spaceport Complex Master Plan (12 MB pdf)
The Cape Canaveral Spaceport (CCS) is the planet’s premier launch complex for sending humans and payloads to space. The CCS has served as the departure gate for every American manned mission, hundreds of advanced scientific spacecraft, and countless national security satellites. Over the past sixty years, thousands of payloads have been launched from Cape Canaveral. These include every operational Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite, hundreds of communication satellites, national-security remote sensing contellations, and early warning weather systems.

Florida Spaceport System Plan
Space transportation has made great strides in the past 60 years. Motivated at first by defense concerns and national pride, the space industry has grown from the wonder of putting a man on the moon to touching the daily lives of billions of people across the globe.

Kennedy Space Center Master Plan
The Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Master Plan describes a 20-year transformation from a single, government user launch complex to a multi-user spaceport. This multi-user spaceport will be developed in concert with NASA’s programmatic missions and requirements to explore destinations outside of low Earth orbit.