July 11, 2016 Technical and Citizens Advisory Committee

Contact: Lisa Hickman

Main Agenda Items:

  • Request RE: Audit Selection Committee Volunteers
  • Adoption RE: FY 17-FY 21 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
  • Adoption RE: Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) Project Priorities
  • Approval RE: FY 2017 SU Funding Direction
  • SR 519/Fiske Corridor Study
  • SR 520 Corridor Planning and Concept Development Study

Meeting Materials:

July 11, 2016 TAC/CAC Agenda
July 11, 2016 TAC/CAC Agenda Package


Fiscal Year 2017-2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
SR 519/Fiske Corridor Study

Meeting Outcomes: