February 8, 2016 Technical and Citizens Advisory Committees

Contact: Carol Holden

Main Agenda Items:

  • Regional Coordination Report
  • Approval: Resolution 16-10, Recommending Brevard County Board of County Commissioners Continue as the Community Transportation Coordinator for Brevard County
  • Election of 2016 TAC/CAC Officers
  • Approval: 2016 Strategic Plan
  • SRA1A Multimodal Study Update: Pineda Causeway to George King Blvd. Presentation
  • SRA1A Resurfacing Update: US192 to Pineda Causeway Presentation

Meeting Materials

February 8, 2016 TAC/CAC Agenda
February 8, 2016 TAC/CAC Agenda Package
SR A1A Multimodal Presentation
SR A1A Resurfacing Presentation

Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2016 TAC/CAC Approved Meeting Minutes