Welcome to the Kids’ Zone! Here at the Space Coast TPO, we want you to be safe by learning as much as you can about the rules of the road. Whether your walking, biking, or riding in your parent’s car – you have a responsibility to help keep yourself and others safe.
Check out some of our fun activities and games to help you practice safety skills.

SCTPO Kids' Zone Games and Activities

Games & Activities
Bike Safety Connect the Dots (ages 4-7)
Cross with Care: Picture/Sentence Matching (ages 4-7)
Crossing Streets Worksheet (ages 4-7)
Closest Route Math Activity (ages 8-11)
Find the Safety Message (ages 8-11)
Safe Routes to School Message Decoder (ages 8-11)

SCTPO Kids' Zone Coloring and DrawingColoring & Drawing
Color the Signs (ages 4-7)
Colors of Safety (ages 4-7)
Decorate the Helmet (ages 4-7)
Draw a Bicycle Route Map (ages 8-11)
Draw a Safety Scene (ages 8-11)

SCTPO Kids' Zone PuzzlesPuzzles
Word Find (ages 4-7)
Safe Travel to School Word Scramble (ages 4-7)
Crossword Puzzle (ages 8-11)
Word Scramble (ages 8-11)
Word Search (ages 8-11)

SCTPO Kids' Zone ChecklistsChecklists
ABC Quick Check
Helmet Safety Check