Get Involved: Public Participation Plan

Contact: Abby Hemenway

2016 Public Participation Plan

The current adopted Public Participation Plan (PPP) is a blueprint for action to involve the public in transportation planning. It provides a guide for public access to and involvement with the SCTPO planning process. All SCTPO planning work products, as well as major amendments to adopted plans and programs, must follow the requirements outlined in the PPP.

The SCTPO continuously seeks opportunities for every citizen to participate in the planning, reviewing, and implementing of its transportation projects and programs. The PPP is updated every three years to reflect changes in local, state, or federal legislation, to adjust the plan to include new technologies, and to adjust the plan to meet the needs of the community. Public input during the development of the PPP is essential to make sure the process provides full and open access for all. There is a 45 day public comment period prior to adoption of the PPP.

The SCTPO’s Public Participation Plan:

  • Outlines organizational structure and work products
  • Describes SCTPO public communication tools
  • Prescribes public comment periods
  • Offers opportunities for public involvement
  • Adopted every three years

To learn more about public involvement and education programs contact Abby or download the Community Outreach and Information Request form.