Brevard County’s Demographic Profile (503 KB) contains information on Brevard’s population and community characteristics. The US Census, American Community Survey 2016 data estimates Brevard’s population at 579,130. The information in these reports is critical for effective planning and community development decision making. Included in the profile is data describing socio-cultural and socio-economic information. The Space Coast TPO also utilizes the Florida Department of Transportation’s Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM) (Public access to ETDM screening tool: to analyze surrounding populations along corridor studies. These individual, project specific demographic profiles are posted as documentation on each project website page.

Community Characteristics Inventory – The Community Characteristics Inventory (23 MB pdf) is a pool of data that describes the natural environment, built environment, socio-cultural and socio-economic considerations about a place or various places. Analysis of this information provides critical information to inform planning and community development decisions. The data is developed in geographic information system (GIS) format so that information can be mapped and analyzed graphically.

The 2010 Census estimates Brevard County’s population to be 543,376. Learn more by visiting the United States Census Bureau website.

Maximum Acceptable Volumes and Level of Service: 
2017 Functional Classification, MAV and LOS Table

Federal Aid Eligibility:
Brevard Federal Aid Report as of 05-29-2018
Brevard Federal Aid Eligibility Map as of 07-02-2018