The Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization recently completed an update to the 2013 Bicycle/Pedestrian Mobility Plan.  The plan was adopted by the Governing Board on October 10, 2019 via Resolution 20-05 that can be viewed by clicking here. The Final Report and Local Jurisdiction Booklets can be accessed below:

2019 Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan Final Report:

Report with Appendix

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The below information outlines the process. 

The Project Steering Committee held their kick-off meeting on Wednesday, July 18, 2018.  A presentation was given in regards to project status, goals/objectives, and upcoming tasks.  The Steering Committee also broke into small groups to brainstorm on the proposed Goals/Objectives/Performance Measures.

A survey to collect public input on Brevard’s Bicycle/Pedestrian network was available online from September 10th – December 10th.  SCTPO and Space Coast Area Transit staff also conducted in person surveys on bus routes.  Thank you to the almost 1900 citizens that participated!

The Project Steering Committee met again on October 4, 2018 to review the existing conditions and prioritization methodology that was to be used.  The information was provided via a presentation and then the committee was given several weeks to provide feedback.

Existing Conditions Maps can be viewed here.

In December 2018 an update was provided to the SCTPO Boards and Committees.

Public Meetings were held in various locations throughout the county in Winter 2018.  Please see flyer below for details.

SCTPO staff would like to thank all who attended the Public Meetings.  To view a summary of the public meetings and public comments, please click here to view the Public Meetings and Social Media Report.

The Project Steering Committee met on July 22, 2019 to review the survey results, review the prioritized network that was created based upon a prioritization process and public input through public meetings, and a refresher on the prioritization process and the final steps.  The presentation can be accessed here and the Prioritization Methodology can be seen on a board accessed here.