Contact: Lisa Hickman

The Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council (MPOAC) is a statewide transportation planning and policy organization created by the Florida Legislature pursuant to Section 339.175(11), Florida Statutes, to augment the role of individual MPOs in the cooperative transportation planning process. The MPOAC assists MPOs in carrying out the urbanized area transportation planning process by serving as the principal forum for collective policy discussion.  MPOAC Governing Board, the decision making body for the MPOAC, consists of one representative from each MPO in the State (27). Each MPO may also appoint an alternate representative from each MPO to vote in the absence of the representative. The MPOAC Governing Board elects a chairperson and a vice-chairperson annually from its membership.

MPOAC Representatives: 

  • Representative: Council Member Andrea Young
  • Representative-ALT: Commissioner Bryan Lober

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