Contact: Lisa Hickman

The Central Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization Alliance (CFMPOA) is a coalition of transportation and government organizations committed to addressing transportation challenges in the larger Central Florida area.

The Alliance has a policy board of 18 members, three from each of its six member organizations. Representatives from the Florida Department of Transportation participate as well. The group meets quarterly and operates on the basis of consensus.  he Central Florida MPO Alliance maintains a regional transportation plan and pursues opportunities to plan and fund projects that benefit the region. The Alliance is a forum for information on projects of regional significance, and it establishes legislative priorities to address the region’s transportation needs.

Central Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization Alliance Members:

  • Mayor Kathy Meehan
  • Deputy Mayor Brian Anderson
  • Council Member Yvonne Minus
  • Council Member Lorraine Koss – ALT #1
  • Council Member Andrea Young – ALT #2