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Historical Reports

Traffic Counts Historical Report 2010-2019


Shapefiles, KML, & Functional Classification/MAV/LOS Tables


2019 Shapefile Traffic Counts 

2019 KML Traffic Counts

2019 Functional Classification, MAV and LOS Table

2019 Average Annual Daily Traffic & Classifications Map



2018 Shapefile Traffic Counts

2018 KML Traffic Counts

2018 Functional Classification, MAV and LOS Table

Brevard Functional Classifications as of August 2018 (Zip File) – ArcGIS required to view these files



2017 KML Traffic Counts

2017 Functional Classification, MAV, and LOS Table



2016 Shapefiles Traffic Counts

2016 KML Traffic Counts



 2015 Shapefiles Traffic Counts

2015 KML Traffic Counts


Florida Department of Transportation Traffic Counts Data

 FDOT Online Traffic Counts

FDOT Transportation Data and Analytics



State of the System


2019 State of the System Report (SOS)

2019 State of the System Brochure


2018 State of the System Report (SOS)

2018 State of the System Flyer

2018 Safety Flyer

2018 Corridor Summary Infographics



2017 State of the System Report (SOS)

2017 State of the System Flyer

2017 Safety Flyer

2017 PowerPoint Summary Presentation

Demographic & Census Data


Brevard County’s Demographic Profile (503 KB)  contains information on Brevard’s population and community characteristics. 


 Community Characteristics Inventory (23 MB pdf) is a pool of data that describes the natural environment, built environment, socio-cultural and socio-economic considerations about a place or various places. 


The 2010 Census estimates Brevard County’s population to be 543,376. Learn more by visiting the United States Census Bureau website.



Maps, Interactive Maps & Dashboards


Status of Transportation Projects

Status of Transportation Projects Interactive Map

Traffic Counts Interactive Map

Vision Zero Dashboard – Brevard County Fatal & Serious Injury Crashes