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A TPO is created to look at the big picture of transportation planning – helping to assist in the communication and coordination among the different modes and municipalities.
TPO federal transportation funds. The SCTPO is governed by federal and state law. Any urbanized area with a population of more than 50,000 citizens must have a TPO to spend federal transportation funds.
A board made up of local elected officials sets policy for the SCTPO A board made up of local elected officials sets policy for the SCTPO and adopts long-range plans and short-range programs of future transportation improvements.
Providing input for the overall dirfection that the SCTPO follows. The general public, as well as various stakeholder groups, such as nonprofit, community-based, and environmental organizations, provide input that informs the policies, plans, and overall program direction that the SCTPO follows.

Brevard County's Transportation System

What is Transportation Planning?

Transportation planning is about identifying opportunities to improve mobility for the people and businesses who use transportation.

What is a Transportation System?

A transportation system is made up of different modes of transportation that use the system to move people and goods from one place to another. Brevard is quinti-modal in the sense that it has more transportation resources than any area its size in the United States.