Request for General Planning Consultant Proposals

Contact: Laura Carter

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit responses from qualified consulting firms interested in providing continuing general transportation planning consulting services for the Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization (TPO).  The respondent(s) selected are expected to have a broad range of experience in transportation planning including long range transportation planning, traffic modeling, safety analysis, performance monitoring, public involvement, corridor studies, traffic operations, bicycle, pedestrian and trails planning, transit planning, as well as a clear understanding of the TPO planning process.

A General Planning Consultant Selection Committee has been formed and the membership is as follows:

  • Betty Moore (TPO Board Member)
  • Stuart Buchanan (Technical Advisory Committee Member)
  • Jim Liesenfelt (Technical Advisory Committee Member
  • Pete Petyk (Citizens Advisory Committee Member)
  • Georganna Gillette (Space Coast TPO Staff)

Request for  Proposal Schedule:
These dates are for planning purposes.  They represent the Space Coast TPO’s desired timeline for implementing this project.  Any revision to the Due Date for submission of proposals will be made by addendum.  All other dates may be adjusted without notice, as needs and circumstances dictate.


Request for Proposal Package:
The proposal package
is available here for download.

Addendum #1 Issued 10/20/16

Submit Proposals To:
Space Coast TPO
RFP #2017-02 GPC Services
2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way
Building  B, Room 105, MS 81
Viera, FL  32940

Proposal Title:
General Planning Consultant Services

Proposal Number:
RFP #2017-02 GPC Servies

Laura Carter, (321)690-6890, Email Laura

Proposal Due Date & Time:
Thursday, November 10, 2016 @ 2:00 p.m. E.S.T.
Proposals received after due date and time will not be accepted.

GPC Selection Meeting Agendas:

September 29, 2016, GPC Selection Committee Meeting #1
Selection Committee Meeting Agenda Only #1

December 8, 2016, GPC Selection Committee Meeting #2
Written proposals Scoring and Short-Listing
Selection Committee Meeting Agenda Only #2

January 12, 2017, GPC  Selection Committee Meeting #3
Oral Presentations and Selection of Firm(s)
Selection Committee Meeting Agenda Only #3 
Selection Committee Meeting Summary

The General Planning Consulting Selection Committee met on January 12, 2017 and each of the top four short-listed firms provided a presentation to the selection committee members. Final scores and rankings are as follows:

The selection committee’s final recommendation that will be presented to the TPO Board for consideration and approval at their February 9, 2017 meeting. Per RFP #2017-02, Section VII, Submission of Proposals, I. Complaints and Disputes, the following information is being provided for anyone wishing to file a formal dispute in regards to this RFP process and recommendations to be made to the TPO Board. Formal disputes will be accepted beginning January 13 through January 19, 2017.

1.Complaints and Disputes
The Space Coast TPO encourages prompt and fair handling of all complaints and disputes with the business community. In order to resolve disputed matters in an equitable manner, the following procedures are adopted for this Request for Proposals:

a. Posting of Award Notice

i.  No later than three (3) business days after the Selection Committee recommendations are finalized the Operations Manager or his/her designee shall post the selection committee’s rankings and recommended award for Proposal.


i.  Any proposer who is allegedly aggrieved in connection with the solicitation or pending award of a contract must file a formal written protest with the TPO Operations Manager within four (4) business days of when the posted award recommendation is made.
ii. The formal written protest shall reference the proposal number, and shall state with particularity the facts and laws upon which the protest is based, including full details of adverse affects and the relief sought.
iii. The procedure to review and consider any formal written complaints or disputes as submitted above, shall adhere to the Space Coast TPO’s adopted policy PLC-5, Title VI and Related Nondiscrimination Requirements, Section 2, Complaint Resolution Policy. A copy of which is available on the TPO website.

c.Stay of Procurements During Protests

Failure to observe any or all of the above procedures shall constitute a waiver of the right to protest a contract award. In the event of a timely protest under the procedure, the Space Coast TPO shall not proceed further with solicitation or with the award until a recommendation is made, or a written determination is made by the TPO Executive Director that the award must be made without delay in order to protect the public interest.

Supporting Reference Documents:

  1. Unified Planning Work Program(UPWP) for Fiscal Years 2016-2017 through 2017-2018 
  2. Agreement for FHWA Planning Grant
  3. Historical Work Orders and authorized budgets issued to General Planning Consulting firms (2009 -2016)

Required Forms: Updated (10/18/16)

  1. Proposal Acknowledgement (Word File)
  2. Truth in Negotiations Certificate REVISED 10-20-16 (Word File)
  3. Non-Collusion Proposal Certification (Word File)
  4. Public Entity Crime Information (Word File)
  5. Certification of Eligibility (Word File)
  6. Certification Regarding Lobbying (Word File)
  7. Debarment and Suspension Certification (Word File)