Transportation Improvement Program

Contact: Georganna Gillette

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) lists each transportation project to be implemented over the next five years. The TIP is a realistic forecast of projects that have committed state or federal funds so it serves as the SCTPO’s short range plan. The list of funded transportation projects is developed annually with input from the community and updated throughout the year.

NEW: FY 2018-22 TIP (Approved July 13, 2017)

FY 2017-2021 TIP, Amended October 2016
FY 2017 – FY 2021 TIP
FY 2016-2020 TIP,  Amended May 2016
FY 2016-2020 TIP

The SCTPO uses TIP Vue, a customized interactive map allowing the user to search for projects geo-spatially through a map and view a pdf report of the project.

TIP projects are scheduled by year and by phase. There are several phases of transportation development including: study or feasibility to determine best options; preliminary design and environmental assessment; right of way acquisition; design; and finally, construction.

Proposed TIP projects are adopted by local governments and other eligible sponsors that submit their priorities to the SCTPO for consideration. Under federal law, the TIP may only contain projects that are in the approved Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). Members of the public can comment on specific projects during public meetings of local jurisdictions. In addition, there is a 30 day public comment period on the draft TIP prior to adoption.

Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP):

  • Lists priority projects from the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)
  • Provides 5-year implementation schedule
  • Allocates state and federal funds for capital projects to include roadway widening, intersection improvements, bicycle facilities, sidewalks, trails, safety projects, space, port, transit, and airport projects
  • Becomes part of the statewide TIP (STIP)
  • Adopted every year