Aurora Road Corridor Study

Study Purpose: To explore alternatives that improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities as well as address safety issues, traffic operations, and transit needs. 

Study Limits: Wickham Road to Stewart Avenue, Melbourne   

TPO Project Manager: Laura Carter: 321-690-6890; 

Consultant Project Manager: Travis Hills, PE, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.:
407-540-0555; E-mail:

Schedule:   Project Schedule

Project Status: The Aurora Road Corridor Study has been underway since Spring 2017. There have been three public meetings/workshops held throughout the study process to gather input and feedback on the development of a preferred alternative. The study team is working on reviewing all comments received and will be conducting final evaluations on which alternative(s) meet the goals of the study and the needs of the citizens and users of the corridor.

A final presentation is currently scheduled to be given at the TPO’s Technical and Citizens Advisory Committee meeting on Monday, May 7, 2018, and at the TPO Governing Board meeting on Thursday, May 10. Aurora Road is maintained by Brevard County, and the final decision on which improvements will be implemented is the responsibility of the County.

Design and construction phases are currently not funded. Improvements may be implemented in phases and if right-of-way is determined to be required during design, this phase will also need to be funded.

The final recommendations and preferred improvements will be posted here upon completion of the study over the next several months.


Public Meetings

Public Open House Meeting #1 – May 16, 2017
Meeting Information Handout
Presentation Slides
Aurora Road Existing Conditions Public Meeting Summary – July 11, 2017

Charrette Workshop & Public Meeting #2 – November 8, 2017

Improvement Boards

Aurora Rd. Figure 1 –  Aurora Rd. Short Term Improvement Opportunities 

Aurora Rd. Figure 2 –  Aurora Rd./Wickham Rd. Intersection Short Term

Aurora Rd. Figure 3 –  Aurora Rd. Typical Cross Section Options

Aurora Rd. Figure 4 –  Bike/Pedestrian Issues & Opportunities; Drainage 

Aurora Rd. Figure 5 –  Complete Streets & Road Diet Examples

Aurora Rd. Figure 6 –  Existing Traffic & Crash History

Aurora Rd. Figure 7 –  Speed Operations & Design Guidance

Preferred Alternatives Public Open House Meeting #3 – March 15, 2018
Meeting Information Handout
Presentation Slides 

Preferred Alternatives Boards

Aurora Rd. Figure 1 –  Wickham Rd. Preferred Alternative

Aurora Rd. Figure 2 –  Croton Rd. Option 1

Aurora Rd. Figure 3 –  Croton Rd. Option 2

Aurora Rd. Figure 4 –  Commodore Blvd. Preferred Alternative