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Project locations are shown on the map on the Implement page. Additional maps and data may be found on the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) project website and on the Performance Monitoring and Management page.

The use of current and accurate data and maps is critical to the function of the SCTPO. Following are current data sets and maps utilized by the SCTPO.

Bicycle Pedestrian Mobility Plan Maps:
The Vision
Showcase and Regional Trails
Existing Bicycle Facilities
Planned Bicycle Facilities
Existing Pedestrian Facilities
Planned Pedestrian Facilities
Priority Corridors
Priority Projects

GIS Files: Mobility Plan Project Files

The 2010 Census estimates Brevard County’s population to be 543,376. Learn more by visiting the United States Census Bureau website.

Community Characteristics Inventory (23 MB pdf) is a compilation of demographics data. This information is critical for effective planning and community development decision making. Included in the inventory is data describing the natural environment, built environment, socio-cultural and socio-economic information.

Functional Classifications – A process of grouping roads according to the service they are intended to provide. This helps planners in determining  the most efficient flow of traffic through a particular transportation system. To learn more about Functional Classification, visit the Federal Highway Administration website.

Urbanized Area Boundaries and Functional Classification for Brevard (16 MB)
North Functional Class August 2016
South Functional Class August 2016

GIS Shapefiles:
Brevard Functional Classifications as of August 2016 (Zip File) – ArcGIS required to view these files

Federal Aid Eligibility:
Brevard Federal Aid Report as of 06-22-2017

Traffic Counts:
Google Earth KML File – 2016 Traffic Counts
Arc GIS Shape Files – 2016 Traffic Counts

Brevard Zoo Trail
Merritt Island Pioneer Trail,
SR A1A, South Brevard Al Tuttle,
East Central Florida Regional Rail Trail,
KSC Loop Trail
Coast to Coast Trail,
Sea Loop Trail

Maximum Acceptable Volumes and Level of Service: 
2016 Functional Classification, MAV and LOS Table