Statement from Space Florida President Frank DiBello Regarding Orbital Launch Accident on October 28, 2014:

“We regret the loss of the Orbital launch vehicle and payload from Virginia last night, but we continue to have great confidence in the commercial space industry and Orbital’s ability to do what it takes to be a reliable provider of services to government and industry.

We continue to have confidence in the approach that NASA is taking in having multiple providers of goods and services resulting in a robust industry base for the emergence of a strong commercial space sector.

Space Florida remains committed to assisting NASA and launch providers like Orbital, SpaceX, ULA, Blue Origin and others as much as we can to ensure the continued development of the commercial launch industry.

Accidents happen – it is part of the process in proving out new technologies in any sector, and getting into space is hard – but his industry will continue to innovate, learn, excel, and grow, and we look forward to being a strong part of Florida and our nation’s exciting future in space.”